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Our Family From Roots to Nuts
MANN Sidney with Raleigh Carriage


We are constantly striving to keep up to date and provide as much information as we can. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate information, however as is always the case in Genealogy, the proof is always in the source material. The more source material for a given fact and the closer that source is to the primary fact the more dependable the information becomes. Because the source material itself is created by humans it is not infallible. The person recording the event could have had bad penmanship. The person providing the information could have been illiterate and therefore could not validate what was written down. There are many instances where a genuine error can occur in a source document.

All that said, I am sure there are errors contained in this body of work. It is too massive, covers too long a period of time and was created over a long span of time. Please notify us immediately should you come across an error or you simply would like to add more information. We are always happy to correct and document our research. This is a lifelong journey and will never be complete. I hope you enjoy and find some information that you consider invaluable. There is nothing more exciting than finding that clue you have been hunting for and we hope you find it here. Happy Hunting...

"The best part about Genealogy is searching for ancestors and finding friends"
Lawrence Dillard

Top 25 Surnames
01. DILLARD (1040)
02. ANDREWS (516)
03. CROCKETT (451)
04. WHEATLEY (414)
05. BYRD (359)
06. OSBORNE (324)
07. DOWLING (258)
08. BIAS (241)
09. GRACE (229)
10. DEAN (219)
11. BAISDEN (207)
12. VANCE (207)
13. TALIAFERRO (206)
14. DARTER (204)
15. SMITH (201)
16. RAMAGE (168)
17. HATFIELD (166)
18. SPURLOCK (164)
19. ADAMS (161)
20. MARTIN (156)
21. LEE (154)
22. HUTCHINGS (152)
23. WOODHAM (147)
24. CONLEY (147)
25. JONES (143)


I created a wordcloud of the words on this page. I thought I would share it, as I found it to be interesting...

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Full NameYear BornBirth Place
William P. MELSON 1795 unknown
Ester Cromwell GUERRY 1804 South Carolin ...
Nancy Catherine HANSON 1839 unknown
Thomas A. FAIN 1857 Bernice, Unio ...
Thomas Green OSBORNE 1858 Johnson, Illi ...
Amelia Elizabeth BALDOCK 1874 Warwick, Fran ...
George Ichabod MIXON 1883 Waynesboro, W ...
Ammie L. SPEIGNER 1885 Dale, Alabama ...
Elizabeth G. WOOD 1888 unknown
William Clarence PETTY 1927 Birmingham, J ...
Andrew Leslie SZAKACS 1944 Cleveland, Cu ...
~ 11 members of our family were born on this day ~
Full NameYear MarriedFamily Link
Thomas Richmond WESTLAKE
Anna Elizabeth BYRD
Elizabeth SPARKMAN
Richard R. BYRD
Caoch Gale SITRIC
James Homer WHEATLEY
~ 10 members of our family were married on this day ~
Full NameYear DiedBurial Location
Bertha ROBERTS1095unknown
Alivia DE BRAOSE1331unknown
Thomas COTTON1499unknown
John ATWOOD1525unknown
Thomas SOUTHERTON1583unknown
Elizabeth (THRALL)1676unknown
Bridget Sherburne SLOPER1740unknown
James PATTON1755unknown
Robert CALDWELL1806unknown
John P. DIXON1852unknown
Joseph Stark DILLARD1859unknown
Tyra DILLARD1874Ozark, Dale, ...
Sarah Margaret Ann BARNES1883Ozark, Dale, ...
Elizabeth GARDNER1935Carroll, Virg ...
~ 14 members of our family died on this day ~

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